Aggressive saltwater fish

Are you interested in starting your own aggressive saltwater fish tank?  Some of the most aggressive saltwater fish for sale can be purchased here at Salt Water Fish Shop.  There are also a category of fish referred to as semi aggressive saltwater fish.  Here we will talk about a variety of marine fish that some would consider semi aggressive to very aggressive.

Most Aggressive saltwater fish

Pufferfish, Lionfish and Triggerfish all make up some of the most aggressive saltwater aquarium inhabitants.  Many of these fish can be housed together in harmony.  It is important however, that you do your research and only co-habitat fish that will get along.  Normally this would be looking at species that exist together in their natural habitat.

Saltwater Pufferfish for sale

Porcupine Puffers also called Porcupine Pufferfish, have pointy spikes that are on the surface of most of their body. They also have beak like teeth unlike other pufferfish. The Porcupine fish doesn’t have many pelvic fins, but adapted to use pectoral fins to get around. To supply this fish with an appropriate setup, you will need an at least 100 gallon fish aquarium, make sure you have a working protein skimmer. Be sure to remember that Porcupine Pufferfish are not reef safe. Porcupine Puffers have a diet of krill, squid, clams, and hard shelled shrimp. Pieces of its flesh could be poisonous.

Porcupine puffer fish come from sizes,

Small “1-“2 Small/Medium 2″ – 3″; Medium 3″ p- 4″; Medium/Large 4″ – 5″; Large 5″ – 6”.

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