Blenny for sale

Saltwater fish shop has a wide selection of captive bred and sustainably caught blennies for sale online! Shop the largest selection of blenny for sale all cared for with a biologist on-site.

  • bicolor blenny for sale

    Bicolor Blenny for sale

    $72.95$89.95 Sale!
  • Lawnmower Blenny

    $69.95$89.95 Sale!
  • Midas Blenny

    Midas Blenny

    $79.95$99.95 Sale!
  • red scooter blenny

    Red Scooter Blenny

    $79.95$99.95 Sale!
  • ruby dragonet for sale

    Ruby Red Dragonet goby for sale

    $65.00$89.95 Sale!
  • striped blenny

    Striped CatEye Blenny

    $31.95$99.95 Sale!
  • Tailspot Blenny

    $37.95$48.00 Sale!

Like all of our marine fish for sale, our blennies for sale come with our full live arrival and 7 day health guarantee! When purchasing any saltwater fish for sale from our online fish store, you will receive the same great health guarantee! Unlike other online fish shop options, SWFS has as real biologist on site, to ensure proper care of all species of marine animals at our facility.  When purchasing from SWFS you should always expect a timely, well-packaged shipment and fantastic customer service!

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