Hermit crabs are odd looking, amazing, and beautiful little creatures.  Color is also available in a wide variety of subspecies. With a variety of types of hermit crabs for sale, there’s a hermit for most saltwater aquarium setups, however they do behave differently.  For this reason, it is important to choose the right hermit crab for sale for your marine aquarium.

Hermit Crabs for sale online

Marine hermit crabs for sale are different than any other species of crab.  Due to the fact that they have a soft, unprotected abdomen area, they require a shell from another animal to exist.  Unlike other species of marine crab, the hermit is known for “switching shells” as it grows.  This can happen as often as once a month, to as little as once a year depending on the subspecies and age of the hermit.

Different types of Reef hermit crab for sale

There are many, may types of saltwater reef hermit crabs available including many vivid colors like the electric blue hermit crab.  Other varieties of hermit crabs for sale include the blue legged hermit crab all the way to the bright orange and larger bodied halloween hermit crab, there is just a ton of variety to choose from.

Different color and species of hermit crabs

Within the color and size range is also a range in diet and activity.  Choosing a hermit that will not bother other inhabitants of your saltwater marine fish only or reef aquarium is important.  Keeping hermits with starfish for example can be an issue if they decide to munch on your stars.  Be sure to choose the right species of hermit crabs for sale.

  • blue legged hermit crab

    Blue leg hermit crab

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  • electric blue hermit crab

    electric blue hermit crab

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  • Halloween Hermit Crab

    Halloween hermit crab

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  • Scarlet Hermit Crab

    scarlet reef hermit crab

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Hermit crabs shipped overnight

Like all of our marine fish for sale, our saltwater fish for sale online shop with confidence.  Not only do we have a real biologist on-site, our hermit crabs come with our full live arrival and 7 day health guarantee.  All of our marine fish and hermit crabs for sale ship from our online fish store overnight via UPS in heated or cooled containers.  Your hermit will arrive the following morning before noon and be ready to acclimate to your new marine aquarium.

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