Wrasse for sale

Saltwater wrasse for sale are available in all shapes, colors and sizes! The wrasse fish family is found nearly all over the globe and in all types.  Here at Salt Water Fish Shop, our commitment to be the #1 online fish store, offering saltwater wrasse for sale as well as all other species.

Marine fish for sale include wrasse from nearly all parts of the globe.  Known for being hearty eaters and active swimmers, adding the right species of wrasse to your marine aquarium can be rewarding.

  • Bluehead Wrasse for sale

    $89.95$144.00 Sale!
  • Brown Bird Wrasse for sale

    $75.00$114.00 Sale!
  • Checkerboard Wrasse for sale

    $94.95$144.00 Sale!
  • Christmas wrasse for sale

    Christmas Wrasse

    $94.99$129.99 Sale!
  • Cleaner Wrasse

    $69.95$99.95 Sale!
  • Eight Line Wrasse

    $79.95$99.95 Sale!
  • Green Coris Wrasse

    $69.95$99.99 Sale!
  • Lubbock Fairy Wrasse

    lubbock fairy wrasse

    $127.99$149.00 Sale!
  • Lunare Wrasse

    $69.99$89.95 Sale!

saltwater wrasse fish for sale

From teeny tiny cleaner wrasses to beautiful large Christmas wrasses we offer it all.  Coris Wrasse for sale are available in yellow, green or even red.  Many other species of reef safe wrasse for sale and aggressive tank wrasse are available.

Finding the right type of wrasse for sale

Depending on the type of marine aquarium you have, choosing the right wrasse fish can be challenging. If you have inverts, there are a number of saltwater wrasse you should avoid.  Smaller species like a cleaner or fairy wrasse can work without losing your crabs and snails.

Species of Wrasse for sale include: