Lionfish for sale

Saltwater lionfish for sale are some of the most popular and amazing aggressive saltwater fish for sale in the world.  An easy to care for, and relaxed swimmer, zebra lionfish, dwarf lionfish and volation lionfish for sale represent a large number of the aggressive marine fish for sale in the marine aquarium fish hobby.

Dwarf Lionfish for sale

The Dwarf zebra lionfish or dwarf lionfish for sale is also known as zebra lionfish or dwarf lionfish. It has red ,white and black vertical stripes along the body;large,fan like pectoral fins and tall quill like dorsal fins.

Zebra lionfish for sale

They tend to inhabit shallow coastal waters and have an affinity for caves and rocky outcrops where they can ambush their prey, mainly consisting of small crustaceans and small fish.  Also known as the fuzzy lionfish, dwarf fuzzy lionfish, or fuzzy lionfish for sale.

Lionfish Care

Before purchasing your very own lionfish for sale, be sure to read Salt Water Fish Shop’s lionfish care sheet to learn how to care for a lionfish!

  • Dwarf Lionfish for sale

    Dwarf Zebra Lionfish

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