Chameleons for sale

Our sister website, CB reptile is your source for the nicest captive bred pet chameleons for sale anywhere.  They offer a wide variety of the most common as well as the rarest species of chameleon for sale anywhere.  Supplies including Chameleon cages for sale, chameleon trees and of course the best Chameleon misting system is also available for sale at CB.

Panther Chameleons for sale – CB offers the largest selection of captive bred baby panther chameleon as well as juvenile and adults.  Our panther chameleon locales include the most common as well as the rarest.  Some of the types of panther chameleon for sale at CB include: Ambilobe, Tamatave, Ambanja, Nosy Be, Nosy Faly, Nosy Mitsio, Sambava and more.

Veiled Chameleons for sale – Looking to spend less money on your chameleon?  Veiled chameleons are cheaper and do not live as long, but are still great pet chameleons.  Like panthers, male veiled chameleons are going to be more colorful, larger and also live longer.  Female chameleons seem to be less tolerable of handling than males.

Other species of chameleon include the Senegal Chameleon, Petter’s Chameleon, Carpet Chameleon for sale and others.

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