Tegus for sale

Some of the most popular species of pet lizards for sale are now tegus.  The most popular of all species of tegu for sale is probably the Argentine tegu for sale.  Argentine tegus are available in many colors but the most popular seems to be the black and white tegu. Black and white Argentine tegus for sale are available off and on throughout the year.  Other species of pet tegus include the red tegu for sale and the Paraguay tegu.

Pet tegus can be very tame

Tegus are so popular because of their very calm and tame demeanor.  Once you work with your tegu they really can become very tame pets.  When raising baby tegus, be sure to attempt to handle them early and often.  Taming a pet tegu is very easy especially when you start to handle them from a young age.  Once they are understanding that you are trustworthy, they will have no problem eating out of your hands.  Be careful trying this, because they could bite you by mistake.

Caring for your new baby tegu is quite simple.  We recommend heading over to our sister website CB Reptile and spending some time reading up on different aspects of Tegu care.  Learn about how to build a tegu habitat, tegu diet and nutrition and more.

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