Firefish for sale

Firefish goby for sale are some of the most popular peaceful saltwater fish for sale online. Docile, calm, and overall just a peaceful tank mate fire fish goby for sale are a welcome additional to most marine aquarium fish.  The most popular is the general firefish goby.

  • firefish goby for sale

    Fire Fish Goby for sale

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  • purple firefish

    Purple Fire Fish Goby for sale

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  • yellow watchman goby

    Yellow watchman Goby

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A Firefish goby for sale (Nemateleotris magnifica)  is a terrific little community saltwater fish that makes a great addition your saltwater fish tank or marine reef aquarium. The firefish has beautiful vivid colors make it a beautiful specimen. They are also known for having a fantastic personality.

Dartfish for sale

Fire fish goby for sale are also known as dartfish for sale, or dart fish.  “Dartfish” comes from this fish’s habit of darting quickly back into hiding whenever it feels threatened or frightened. It spends its days flitting around the aquarium, then suddenly diving into rock work for cover. It is an inhabitant of reefs where it can be found at depths from 20 to 230 feet. Fire fish goby for sale are usually found just above the bottom, facing into the current, where it awaits its prey of small invertebrates.

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