Tortoise for sale

Searching for the perfect tortoise for sale? Whether it be a baby tortoise, juvenile or adult tortoises for sale, Tortoise town has you covered!  Our sister website specializes in all species of pet turtles for sale as well as tortoises for sale.

Small tortoises for sale

Small tortoise for sale include the Hermann’s tortoise, Egyptian tortoise, Russian tortoise and some other smaller species.  Indian star tortoise as well as Greek tortoises also are some of the small tortoise species kept by tortoise breeders and enthusiasts.  If you are looking for a small tortoise, or tortoise that stays small, look no further than these small tortoise species.

Medium sized tortoise species for sale

Medium tortoises for sale include popular tortoise breeds, or tortoise species, like the red footed tortoise, cherry head tortoise, and yellow foot tortoise.  These are knowns as South American “forest species”.  These tortoises are known for eating a wider varied diet inclusive of fruit and higher protein content than most species.

Star tortoise for sale included in the medium sized group include the Sri Lankan Star tortoise and the beautiful Burmese Star tortoise.  Some other species of medium sized tortoise are the elongated tortoise and sometimes the more common East African leopard tortoise.  Baby leopard tortoises for sale are some of the most popular medium sized tortoise species.

Large species of tortoise for sale

Looking for a large tortoise for sale, or giant tortoise for sale?  The large tortoise species classification includes some of the largest reptiles on planet earth!  Keep in mind there is a huge size difference in the large tortoise for sale, versus the Giants.  Giant tortoises include the Galapagos tortoise for sale and the Aldabra tortoise for sale.  The Giant Aldabra tortoise also known as Aldabra giant tortoises are some of the most beautiful gentle giants in the world.  More common larger species that only grow to 150 lbs would be the African Sulcata tortoise.  Sulcata tortoises are some of the most popular species because of their low cost, averaging just around 100 bucks.  Whereas Aldabra will run you around $3000.00!

Turtles for sale

Turtles for sale also make up a huge part of peoples love for shelled reptiles! Including dry turtles for sale like box turtles these guys are super cute, colorful and fun.  Land turtles for sale include both the box turtle for sale, and the wood turtle.  Water turtles are even more popular as so many species of aquatic turtles for sale exist.  Some popular baby turtles that are water turtles include the painted turtle and diamond back terrapin.  My turtle store, also known as the turtle store is a great spot to pick up some awesome real live baby turtles for sale.

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