• banded serpant starfish

    Banded Serpent Starfish

    $27.95$34.95 Sale!
  • Chocolate Chip Starfish

    Chocolate Chip Starfish

    $34.95$49.95 Sale!

Starfish for sale

Marine starfish for sale make up some of the coolest part of our saltwater aquariums!  Usually you will only find saltwater starfish for sale in the fish only saltwater tanks as they are not reef safe.  There are many varieties of starfish available depending on your budget and color choices.  Starfish can range in size and price, based on color, rarity and compatibility with our marine animals.

starfish for sale online

Like all of our marine fish for sale from our saltwater fish store, our starfish for sale come with our live arrival and health guarantee.  With a real marine biologist on site, our marine fish all will arrive vibrant, well fed, and healthy.