Geckos for sale

Are you looking for a new pet gecko for sale?  Our sister website, CB Reptile offers a wide variety of captive bred geckos for sale online.

Crested geckos for sale – CB Reptile offers the largest selection of crested gecko morphs anywhere in the USA.  Everything from common color morphs like the Harlequin crested gecko and flame crested gecko, as well as high end crested gecko morphs.  Cresties as we like to call them are easy to care for, and eat a pre made powdered food.  For this reason, they do not require insects to feed making them easy to care for.

Gargoyle gecko for sale – Gargoyle geckos are some of the coolest prehistoric-looking geckos in the world.  CB offers many gargoyle gecko morphs for sale.  Some of the more common morphs like Reticulated gargoyle geckos as well as common striped gargoyle geckos.  Gargoyles are like crested geckos in the sense that they do not require insects for food.  A pre-made powdered food like Pangea can be used in lieu of feeding them insects.

Leopard geckos for sale – CB also offers the largest selection of leopard geckos for sale in the world.  Some of the most common leopard gecko morphs as well as the rarest of all of them.  Super Giant leopard geckos offer a variety of color morphs as well, in just much larger geckos.  Leopard geckos are typically fed mealworms and sometimes crickets.

African Fat tail geckoFat tailed geckos for sale are some of the less popular but easy to carew for of all species of pet geckos for sale.  African Fat tail geckos are available in many fat tailed gecko morphs.

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