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Ignitus Anthias also known as the flame Anthias is a beautiful specimen for the saltwater community fish aquarium. These bright little fish are peaceful swimmers and a joy to watch. Easy to feed and maintain, flame Anthias for sale, or Ignitus Anthias for sale are some of the easiest to keep of all marine fish for sale.

Species of Anthias for sale

Ignitus Anthias originate from the Maldives and are therefore also called the Flame Anthias. Stunning colors of of reds, bright oranges, and screaming bright yellows of the Ignitus Anthias add color and vitality to the either a saltwater fish only or even a beautiful reef aquarium.
Rememeber, Ignitus Anthias is a reef fish in the wild. Anthias can fare well in either a fish only or reef tank that is at least 50 gallons. They may be kept solitary or with many.

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    Blotchy Borbonius Anthias

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    Ignitus Anthias

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Like Clownfish, Anthias species all share the trait of being hermaphroditic. What does this mean? If a dominant male dies, the larger female of the remaining group will often morph to take its place. When courting, the coloration of the male Ignitus Anthias intensifies greatly and the bright red dorsal fin is held in an upright fashion.

Anthias Diet

Once acclimated to a new aquarium, anthias do best when fed a varied diet of frozen food. Including things like mysis shrimp, vitamin enhanced frozen brine shrimp, and over time may eat high-quality flake foods or pellets, fed 2-3 times per day, sparingly.  If you have a refugium, expect these guys to do well feeding on copepods etc that come from your refuge.

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