Rabbitfish for sale

Saltwater fish shop has a fantastic selection of beautiful rabbitfish for sale.  Rabbit fish for sale can be a welcome addition to nearly any type of marine aquarium fish display.  Many types of rabbit fish are available with the most common being the Foxface for sale, (also known as the fox face rabbitfish.

Other popular subspecies of marine rabbitfish include the scribbled rabbitfish.  Scribbled rabbitfish are beautiful, docile, colorful and easy to care for.  Some other types include the orange spot rabbitfish, one of the larger subspecies from the saltwater rabbitfish family.

  • fiji foxface

    Fiji Foxface

    $145.00$239.00 Sale!
  • foxface for sale

    Fox Face Rabbitfish

    $84.94$139.00 Sale!
  • Magnificent Foxface

    Magnificent Foxface

    $145.00$239.00 Sale!
  • orange spot rabbitfish

    orange spot rabbitfish

    $88.00$129.00 Sale!
  • Scribbled Rabbitfish

    Scribbled Rabbitfish

    $84.95$114.00 Sale!
  • virgate rabbitfish

    Virgate Rabbitfish

    $74.99$124.00 Sale!

Rabbit fish for sale online

Like all of our saltwater fish for sale, and other marine fish for sale online, rabbitfish come with our full live arrival and health guarantee.  Shipped overnight to your door via UPS, in heated or cooled insulated containers, shop with confidence.