Saltwater fish live arrival & stay alive health guarantee

All of the saltwater fish for sale besides “expert level care” come with our full Live Arrival Guarantee and 7 day  Stay Alive guarantee.  If you ever have an issue with your purchase, simply contact us the day of arrival for a store credit towards a replacement specimen minus the cost of shipping!  We provide a store credit if necessary as live stock is sometimes limited and the fish that you originally ordered may not be available for replacement, in which case the customer would receive store credit.

Salt Water fish shop offers you the largest variety of the world’s highest quality saltwater fish for sale, invertebrates, corals and more.  Shop the largest selection of clownfish morphs for sale, captive bred marine fish, and other amazing sea life.

With a real marine biologist ON SITE, we GUARANTEE you will be happy with your purchase, every time you shop at our online fish store!  Our marine biologist and customer care team will go leaps and bounds ensure your order is shipping timely, and packed safely, supplying tracking via text and email until it arrives safely to your home or office.  Our customer service team is just a click, text, or phone call away!

  • Tiger Jawfish

    Tiger Jawfish

  • Bicolor Chromis Damsel (Chromis margaritifer)

    $13.99 Sale!
  • Electric Blue Damsel for sale

    $14.95$23.95 Sale!
  • Allen’s Damsel (Pomacentrus alleni)

    $14.99 Sale!
  • Scissortail Goby

    $16.99$19.99 Sale!
  • Spot Tail Dartfish (Ptereleotris heteroptera)

    $16.99 Sale!
  • 3 striped damselfish

    3 striped damselfish

    $17.95$24.95 Sale!
  • threadfin cardinal for sale

    Threadfin Cardinalfish for sale

    $24.95$37.95 Sale!
  • Bumblebee Goby

    $24.99 Sale!
  • Sleeper Banded Bullet Goby (Amblygobius phalaena)

    $24.99$31.99 Sale!
  • Green War Paint Clown Goby (Gobiodon atrangulatus)

    $27.99$29.99 Sale!
  • Pink and Blue Shrimpgoby

    $27.99$41.99 Sale!
  • Shrimpgoby – Barbershop (Stonogobiops nematodes)

    $27.99 Sale!
  • firefish goby

    Fire Fish Goby for sale

    $29.99$39.00 Sale!
  • Kaudern's Cardinalfish for sale

    Bangai Cardinal Fish for sale

    $34.95$49.95 Sale!
  • Fiji blue devil damsel

    Fiji Blue Devil Damsel

    $34.95$48.95 Sale!
  • Vagabond Butterfly fish

    $35.99$47.99 Sale!
  • Blue reef chromis

    Blue Reef Chromis

    $37.95$59.95 Sale!
  • Tailspot Blenny

    $37.95$48.00 Sale!
  • Tiger (Wardi) Goby (Valencienna wardii)

    $38.99$45.99 Sale!
  • Green Mandarin Goby

    $42.99$59.95 Sale!
  • Pajama cardinal for sale

    Pajama Cardinalfish for sale

    $44.00$47.95 Sale!
  • Engineer Goby for sale

    $44.95$55.00 Sale!
  • Pearly Jawfish

    $45.00$69.00 Sale!
  • Panda Goby

    $45.99 Sale!
  • White Collar Butterflyfish for sale

    $48.99$88.00 Sale!
  • bicolor blenny

    Bicolor Blenny for sale

    $49.00$79.00 Sale!
  • Ocellaris Clownfish for Sale

    $49.95$67.95 Sale!
  • Yellowtail Tamarin Wrasse

    $49.95$84.95 Sale!
  • purple firefish goby

    Purple Fire Fish Goby for sale

    $49.95$69.95 Sale!
  • puffer for sale

    Leopard Puffer

    $54.99 Sale!
  • pufferfish for sale

    Scribbled Arothron Puffer (arothron mappa)

    $54.99 Sale!
  • Railway Sleeper Goby

    $58.00$85.00 Sale!
  • pygmy angelfish

    Cherub Angelfish for sale

    $59.00$88.00 Sale!
  • Citron Clown goby for sale

    Citron Clown Goby

    $59.00$79.00 Sale!
  • Yellow Clown Goby

    $59.95$77.00 Sale!
  • Triggerfish for sale online

    Rectangular Triggerfish for sale

    $59.99$119.00 Sale!
  • cinnamon clownfish for sale

    Cinnamon Clownfish

    $64.95$89.00 Sale!
  • ruby dragonet for sale

    Ruby Red Dragonet goby for sale

    $65.00$89.95 Sale!
  • convict tang for sale

    convict tang for sale

    $67.00$119.00 Sale!
  • sailfin tang for sale

    sailfin tang for sale

    $67.95$94.00 Sale!
  • Valentini Puffer

    Valentini Puffer

    $67.95$86.99 Sale!
  • bicolor angelfish for sale

    Bicolor Angelfish for sale

    $67.95$88.00 Sale!
  • Green Clown Goby

    Green Clown Goby

    $67.95$94.95 Sale!
  • Blacklip Butterfly fish

    $67.99$88.00 Sale!
  • diamond goby

    Diamond Goby

    $69.00$89.00 Sale!
  • Pebble Butterflyfish

    $69.00$94.00 Sale!
  • Pakistan Butterfly fish for sale

    Pakistan Butterfly fish

    $69.00$99.00 Sale!
  • Pebbled butterfly fish

    Pebbled Butterfly fish

    $69.00$99.00 Sale!
  • Maroon Clownfish for sale

    $69.95$94.95 Sale!
  • Midas Blenny

    Midas Blenny

    $69.95$89.95 Sale!
  • Lawnmower Blenny

    $69.95$89.95 Sale!
  • Royal Gramma for sale

    $69.95$88.95 Sale!
  • Cleaner Wrasse

    $69.95$99.95 Sale!
  • Green Coris Wrasse

    $69.95$99.99 Sale!
  • red scooter blenny

    Red Scooter Blenny

    $69.95$89.95 Sale!
  • Lunare Wrasse

    $69.99$89.95 Sale!
  • Longnose Butterfly fish

    $74.95$99.00 Sale!
  • cinnamon clownfish for sale

    Tomato Clownfish

    $74.95$119.00 Sale!
  • virgate rabbitfish

    Virgate Rabbitfish

    $74.99$124.00 Sale!
  • Brown Bird Wrasse for sale

    $75.00$114.00 Sale!
  • threadfin butterflyfish

    Auriga Butterfly fish for sale

    $75.00$119.00 Sale!
  • latezonatus clownfish for sale

    Latezonatus Clownfish

    $77.00$124.00 Sale!
  • Blackback Butterfly

    $77.00$114.00 Sale!
  • Placeholder image

    Glass Cardinal Fish for sale

    $77.00$115.00 Sale!
  • picasso percula clownfish for sale

    Picasso Percula Clownfish

    $77.95$129.00 Sale!
  • Saddleback butterfly fish for sale

    Saddleback Butterfly

    $79.00$125.00 Sale!
  • coral beauty angelfish

    Coral beauty Angelfish for sale

    $79.00$119.00 Sale!
  • Singapore Angelfish for sale

    Singapore Angelfish for sale

    $79.00$99.00 Sale!
  • pearscale butterflyfish

    Pearlscale butterflyfish

    $79.00$99.00 Sale!
  • pearscale butterflyfish

    Punctato butterflyfish for sale

    $79.00$99.00 Sale!
  • Eight Line Wrasse

    $79.95$99.95 Sale!
  • snowflake ocellaris clownfish

    Snowflake Clownfish

    $79.95$119.95 Sale!
  • Gladiator clownfish for sale

    Gladiator Clownfish

    $79.95$119.95 Sale!
  • Naked Mocha clownfish

    Naked Mocha Clownfish for Sale

    $79.95$119.95 Sale!
  • yellow watchman goby

    Yellow watchman Goby

    $79.95$114.95 Sale!
  • yellow coris wrasse

    Yellow Coris Wrasse

    $79.99$119.95 Sale!
  • platinum percula clownfish for sale

    platinum percula clownfish

    $84.00$129.00 Sale!
  • Falco Hawkfish

    $84.00$119.00 Sale!
  • Scribbled Rabbitfish

    Scribbled Rabbitfish

    $84.95$114.00 Sale!
  • Tangerine Albino Snowflake clownfish

    Tangerine Albino snowflake Clownfish

    $84.95$114.95 Sale!
  • black ice clownfish

    Photon Clownfish

    $84.95$119.95 Sale!
  • domino clownfish for sale

    domino clownfish

    $84.95$129.95 Sale!
  • Flame Anthias for sale

    Ignitus Anthias

    $84.95$99.00 Sale!
  • blue eye tang

    Blue eye tang for sale

    $85.00$125.00 Sale!
  • bullethole clownfish for sale

    Bullet hole Clownfish

    $87.95$127.95 Sale!
  • black onyx percula clownfish for sale

    Black Onyx Percula Clownfish

    $88.00$124.95 Sale!
  • orange spot rabbitfish

    orange spot rabbitfish

    $88.00$129.00 Sale!
  • Niger Trigger

    Niger Triggerfish

    $88.00$179.00 Sale!
  • Raccoon butterfly fish for sale

    Raccoon butterfly fish for sale

    $88.00$139.00 Sale!
  • multicolor angelfish for sale

    Multicolor Angelfish

    $88.00$159.00 Sale!
  • undulatus triggerfish for sale

    Undulatus Triggerfish

    $88.00$169.00 Sale!
  • blue spotted puffer

    blue spotted pufferfish

    $88.00$129.00 Sale!
  • black and white ocellaris clownfish for sale

    black and white clownfish

    $88.88$125.97 Sale!
  • extreme misbar black clownfish

    Black Misbar clownfish

    $88.95$124.95 Sale!
  • Porcupine Puffer

    Porcupine puffer fish

    $88.95$125.95 Sale!
  • arc eye hawkfish

    Arc Eye Hawkfish for sale

    $88.99$129.00 Sale!
  • lightning maroon clownfish

    Lightning Maroon Clownfish

    $89.00$119.00 Sale!
  • blue jaw triggerfish

    Blue Jaw Triggerfish

    $89.00$229.00 Sale!

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